Hi ya’ll! I’m Taylor, but the people closest to me and near ‘n’ dear to my heart call me Tate. Feel free to call me what you’d like as long as it’s nothing too fancy.  I was born and raised in a tiny town in northern Arizona with zero stoplights, a small pizza shop, and Love’s truck stop.  If you asked what we did for fun it would include dirt, quads, horses, and more dirt all while laughing and having the best time with friends you will know and enjoy the rest of your life.

My family owned a small cattle ranch where my sister and I could be found making mud pies and leading our two palomino horses around.  This would be where my love for agriculture came and what has shaped me to be who I am today.  I was fortunate enough to have a wonderful mother who taught her daughters to be independent, strong women who could do anything they set their mind to.  Unfortunately I lost my father at a young age to the demon we call cancer.  That only grew my drive to be the best person I could be and achieve anything I set my mind to; even if it included building fence, irrigating in the dark, and wrangling wild heifers.

My family was always busy running from the sporting event we had that day to daily ranch chores that had to be done no matter what.  My sister and I matured at an early age and experienced a lot of things most kids didn’t.  I was privileged enough to be on a traveling softball team for almost ten years.  This would have to be where my love for traveling came about since every weekend my mom and I were off to another game in another state.

I graduated high school and left for college in the big city.  One could say it was an eye opener even for a well-seasoned traveler like me.  I graduated college with a bachelor’s degree in Global Agribusiness from Arizona State and obtained a job in the agriculture industry to start my lifelong career. Flash forward to today and I am working my life away wondering what else there is out there for me. I find myself daydreaming every day of the dream job, dream house, and everything about the so called “perfect life”.  The start of 2017 I told myself it’s in my hands for anything to change and that was when I set my goals that I am determined to meet.

So here we are, in the start of what I hope to be greatness.  I bought a camera, imagine the perfect picture for everything I pass, and worked up the gumption to showcase what I came up with.  That’s when the thought of starting this blog popped into my head and the rest is history. I am so excited to see my passion for the western lifestyle, agriculture, and photography all wrapped into one for others to enjoy.

So huge thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy every little quirky thing that I do.



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