It’s Just Our Way of Life

It’s the quiet before the storm where the birds chirp a peaceful tune and the ground is waiting to shake with pounding hooves. Before the Cowboys are hollering and the stock is bellering. Some people might not understand the beauty of this alleyway, or the western lifestyle. But there is still the rare breed that have an appreciation for the dust billowing, stock running, and some days the smell of burnt hide.

The appreciation of the early mornings and late nights, the long days in the saddle, and the calmness that sweeps over you when checking cattle.  Some people might see that appreciation as more of a craziness than anything else.  I could say the same to some of their appreciations they have such as the fancy restaurants they like to visit.  But to each their own, as appreciation is in the eye of the beholder.  Their fancy restaurant is equal to the dinner when all the family gets a breather and can be together to enjoy the delicious home grown beef.

Corrals like this make up a part of me. They were a staple in my life from the very beginning.  I love everything about the western lifestyle and all it brings. There may be more hardships to the outside eye, but what they don’t see is how those hardships make us even more determined to turn things around and come out on top.  We may face adversity just like anyone else in this world.  But what might make us different is how we handle that adversity.  We use it as ammo to better the situation and not let it overtake us.  If we succumb to all the hard times this lifestyle throws at us, we wouldn’t be around long enough to see all of the rewards and happiness that it brings overall.

Fighting to be better and to keep a positive outlook is how we thrive.  It was bred into us.  It’s just our way of life.