Family Reunion 2017

The time finally came.  A time to gather the family and enjoy some friendly competition, lots of laughs, and tons of reminiscing. Let me be the first to tell you, with a family that has many athletes on the court, in the arena, and on the field, a game of volleyball can get pretty heated but all in good fun.  Even after the grass stains, trash talk, and sore bodies we all enjoyed the time together.

It has been some time since we were all able to be together in one place.  So we all traveled the hours and put in the miles to meet in Durango, Colorado.  A place where we can escape the unbearable heat and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Just a few things we enjoyed along the way included—

  • Jeep rides with Uncle Tracy’s new toy
  • Volleyball, ping pong, and pool tournaments
  • Purgatory Alpine Slide
  • Durango’s Aquatic Center
  • White water rafting (Another post coming just for this. It was quite the excitement!)

All in all it was exactly what we all needed.  Finally getting to spend some quality time together and enjoying the great outdoors of Colorado.

I have been to Durango and other parts of Colorado many, many times.  But I found myself pondering the thought of what it would actually be like to live there.  After living in the valley of Satin’s heat for far too long I have been thinking of moving to someplace with seasons for quite some time.  I may have just found the spot.  A place where I can escape the heat, get away from all the people, and live the relaxing western life that I have always belonged to.

Here are just a few of the photos I was able to capture on all of our adventures.  The one with the mansion with green acreage near and far was a sight to see.  Definitely wouldn’t mind having a home like that but then I would have to clean it and that makes it less appealing. Haha

Barn - ColorBarnCowsCreek & SunFence lineField - HouseHouseLakeMolas LakeValley